Victorian Phone

Wiring up Victorian phone to work with an arduino in prep for thesis.


Madame Meena’s Fortune Teller


What a mess…





… but totally worth it!



More paper mechanisms


More complex mechanisms created… and working on getting a web server set up to be able to send a signal to a local microcontroller.

First Paper Mechanisms – Cams


Deliberate Color

For this project I was thinking of showing mood differences with sunlight quality at different times of day.  Apparently that idea wasn’t aggressive enough, and I couldn’t figure out a good way to make it more aggressive without changing my original concept and the meaning of the images.

After speaking with my teacher, I thought of maybe taking images of graffiti, staying with my consistent theme of showing things that are the same in different “lights”. But I’m not really interested in doing that as a project either.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking of what I can do, but I’m hitting a brick wall, I feel like everything I’m coming up with is not a good enough idea to work on.

I’ll have to decide on something soon.

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